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Below are several testimonials from clients.  No names or faces are shown, to respect their privacy.

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Thank you so much for the experience with Thai Massage.  It helped me get rid of that “weight of the world” feeling in my chest and belly that I’ve had for so long.  Thank you!

I have severe back pain and Michael has been able to provide relief and enabled me to use less prescription meds and achieve more of my goals. My only regret is that I no longer live in Portland and I have been unable to find anyone as qualified as him where I live now.

I have been working with Michael Gill for the last 8 months. He was recommended to me by my physical therapist. I have little to no cartilage in my knees. I also have occasional planter fasciitis in both of my feet. That along with some I T band issues that came up will training for a marathon this past April put my running on hold. At 60 years old, learning to use all forms of treatment has become necessary to continue to stay active in doing the things I enjoy.   My sessions with Michael have helped me keep my knees and ankles flexible enough to continue with all my activities. He has given me stretches and routines that work for me. I am retired and walk three to five miles daily. I work out in the gym three times a week. Run twenty to thirty miles a week. Last weekend I ran my fastest half marathon in four years. Next month I start my training for the Boston Marathon next April. I will continue to use Michael to help me with goal of staying active for as long as possible.

update- It has been two years since this testimonial was written.  The client has since run multiple marathons without pain, including his personal best in the Boston marathon.

Working at a computer for over 15 years has given me serious carpal tunnel pain. Wanting to avoid surgery, I saw Michael Gill instead and his techniques produced immediate results. I couldn’t even remember being that pain free before, it was liberating!

Michael Gill is an extremely gifted and intuitive masseuse.  From working with Michael I have benefited in ways far beyond the physical; Michael has facilitated the development of a deeper connection for me with myself, and increased my awareness of my own mind/body connection, bringing me more into balance.  I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Thank you for the excellent care you provided me through the therapeutic Thai Massage.  In all my years of “massage” experience you are certainly one of the finest masseuses I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.  Your thoughtful dedication is a gift.

Thai massage is beyond amazing and offers many health benefits for every body. Having been to Thailand many times, I can be somewhat of a thai massage snob, and i have to say that Michael Gill is a master at his craft! Michaels’ Thai massage was excellent and I highly recommend him. My body felt stretched and aligned, the tight spots are gone, my channels feel more open and my mind more peaceful. 

A few years ago I started seeing Michael for back problems. He helped resolve those rather quickly but the rest of my body (and mind) felt so light and clear after sessions that I have continued to return.  Michael is very empathetic, kind, professional and will work on what you want to be worked on.  I have had a lot of body work over the years, but Michael is one of the few massage therapists who I would (and do) return to time and time again.

Michael is a very attentive listener and came prepared with the latest research and best practices to use food to address my health concerns.  Rather than strong-arming me into a one-size-fits-all approach he listened to me about my lifestyle and resources and worked with me to create a program that nudged me to make healthier and more energizing food choices.  He understood that I had to balance badly needed nutritional changes with a busy schedule and I feel like he has given me tools for the long haul that can be used permanently. He had delicious recipes and good suggestions about fun ways to move more.  I have more energy and sleep better and I have dropped at least twenty pounds.

Being in the alternative health field, I have had a lot of body work. Michael has a gift, there is no other way to put it. He has an intuitive touch and ability to work with your body to help it achieve optimal results. I am an avid runner, and I would not be able to run as much and as pain free as I do without the work he does. Thai massage is unique as it gently stretches the body, and I will often feel like gumby after 🙂

Michael Gill is a very experienced Thai Massage therapist whose professionalism and gentleness make one comfortable as soon as you walk through the door. As a cyclist commuter, I have used swedish massage in the past but I have seen greater and more substantial results going to Michael. He also helped me with neck pain after a car accident. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Therapeutic Thai Massage with Michael Gill has been life-changing for me. I was having issues with limited mobility in my shoulder and chronic pain in my arms, due to years of computer work. Within a few sessions, Michael was able to completely restore mobility to my shoulder, and significantly lessen the pain in my arms. My partner and I go every few weeks and leave every session refreshed and relaxed.

I have been getting massages for over 25 years and I consider Michael to be the best. If you would like to be healthy after a injury I would suggest him to you.

Therapeutic Thai Massage with Michael Gill has greatly reduced the amount of pain I experience in my daily life. My lower back, and shoulders, have troubled me for years, but regular sessions with Michael have done wonders for my flexibility and mobility.

I am 27 years old and have been suffering from a chronic back injury (from volleyball) for the past 5.5 years. It sucks. The pain and injury has affected every aspect of my life and accessing treatment for it has been almost as big of a struggle. I saw 3 chiropractors, 5 massage therapists (mostly deep tissue), 1 acupuncturist, my primary care physician, and 2 physical therapists off and on in all that time, and not only did nothing stick, it also felt like no one was really interested in uncovering and addressing the true root of my problem. Then, last April, in true Murphy fashion, I was in an auto accident that compounded my pre-existing injuries.

Thai Massage had been on my radar as sort of a last ditch effort to avoid surgery. After researching different Thai Massage Therapists in the Portland area, I landed on Michael Gill, and I could not be happier. I’ve been a regular client of his for the past 6 months and have seen so much improvement in my condition and gained more confidence in my recovery than I ever thought possible. He is incredibly thorough and experienced in his craft and has a true dedication to healing. He always checks in with me and my progress before and after each session and tailors my treatment plan to my varying results.

He even went as far as seeking out and contacting one of the best chiropractors in the city to help supplement my treatment–shoutout to Dr. Baisinger at Clearwater Clinic–and the two of them have gone out of their way to communicate and stay up-to-date on my visits in order to coordinate!! My life and entire idea of the way treatment should be for chronic pain has changed and I am so grateful.

Seriously the best. I cannot stress it enough. Go get a massage from this man, you will not regret it.

I just recently had my very first experience with Michael Gill and walked away glowing. It always feels like the tightest of spots on my body are left untouched in a basic massage, but the techniques he uses really stretch into the hard to reach spots like deep in the lower back. I walked away feeling upright and loose and even woke up the next day feeling great. I highly recommend getting massage from Michael.

Incredibly aware of your body and its needs, no matter the body type. I’m a serious weightlifter, and the muscle tension I experience on a daily basis absolutely melted away with him in a way I’ve experienced with another therapist. He just . . . get’s it. Highly recommend for anyone who’s remarkably psychical more days than not.