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Michael's Story

I discovered Thai massage on a trip to Thailand in 1999 and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I experienced the results firsthand; less pain and more fluidity in my movements.  Those came along with things that are harder to quantify; more energy, optimism, and a sense of ease in my body.  These are the types of things that change how you perceive every moment.  They don’t make you happy, but they certainly pave the way.  Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to the art, exploring it’s techniques and philosophy, combining it with techniques and philosophies learned here in the west.  I remain fascinated with the human body and love working with people.

A few years after I became a massage therapist, I developed Menierre’s disease, a syndrome characterized by random vertigo attacks.  After a year of marginally successful treatments here in the US, I traveled back to Thailand to study.  While there, I happened upon a healer (while playing pick-up basketball) who was able to treat the condition like nobody I’d met could, almost eliminating it entirely.  I have had the good fortune of being able to travel back to Thailand two times since, to study one on one with him.  The lessons learned have informed my practice, my life and the lives of many clients.

Since becoming a massage therapist in 2001, I’ve earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences (pre-med) from PSU and have been national board certified in holistic nutrition.  I am happy to provide knowledge from these areas as well as massage.