Thai Massage for pain relief, healing, flexibility and relaxation.  

"Thai massage is beyond amazing and offers many health benefits for everybody. Having been to Thailand many times, I can be somewhat of a thai massage snob, and i have to say that Michael Gill is a master at his craft! Michaels' Thai massage was excellent and I highly recommend him. My body felt stretched and aligned, the tight spots are gone, my channels feel more open and my mind more peaceful. "

 "A few years ago I started seeing him for back problems. He helped resolve those rather quickly but the rest of my body (and mind) felt so light and clear after sessions that I have continued to return.  Michael is very empathetic, kind, professional and will work on what you want to be worked on.  I have had a lot of body work over the years, but Michael is one of the few massage therapists who I would (and do) return to time and time again."


Greetings and welcome to the website for Michael Gill LMT, NBCHN.  I am happy to offer therapeutic Thai Massage and nutritional therapy in downtown Portland, conveniently located on the max and street car lines.  In my 14 years of working as an LMT, I have worked on all kinds of people: young and old, active and sedentary, spiritual and pragmatic.  I’ve performed massage on athletes looking to improve performance and all manner of people with all manner of injuries.  I’ve worked on many looking to feel less pain, many others just looking for a moment of peace in their hectic lives.  A few even wrote testimonials.  One great thing about experience is that it gives you opportunity to refine your techniques, so that you can help a wider variety of people. 

Within any session, all techniques will be based on your needs.  Pressure, stretches and any nutritional recommendations will be tailored to your body and your preferences, not an idealized body.

I am also a practicing nutritional therapist.  Pairing this with massage can be a powerful tool for wellness.

To book a session, please call 971-279-3591 or book online.

To find out more about Thai Massage, go to Why Try Thai?  To learn more about me, go to Why Try Michael?